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Ashes to ashes, ashes to art. Only Heide Hatry could have dared to confront (and collaborate with) eons of belief systems and taboos to produce these evocative portraits of mortality and its mirror image.
Lucy R. Lippard (art critic, curator, activist)

Artist Heide Hatry understands the fundamental human desire to have the dead with us always – as image, as memory, as physical remnant. Her portraits made from the ashes of the deceased are haunting modern-day relics, poignant to any viewer, virtually sacred to those who knew and loved the departed. Each is a compelling likeness, a personal shrine.
Richard Vine (art critic, managing editor of Art in America)

In establishing new relations between the formerly unrelated – the essence of creation – Hatry found a contemporary formulation of the memento mori that has pervaded art since the very beginning of culture.
Wolf Singer (director at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt)