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Linguae Anitum Rosae
Spicula linguarum anitum, New York, NY 2011

About the Works

All artwork produced and photographed by 

Heide Hatry from 2008-2012.

The photos are editioned.

More information at STUX Gallery, New York


See translation of all botanical names from the book

(in polynomial nomenclature) on the bottom of this page

Capita piscium dessicata, media pars ophiuridae
Capita piscium dessicata, media pars ophiuridae, Beijing, China 2011 Aridus Capita Piscis Ophiurida
Capita piscium dessicata, spisula solidissima insecta, Beijing, China 2011 Spisulae solidissimae sculptiles, pars conchae luteae
Spisulae solidissimae sculptiles, pars conchae luteae, New York, NY 2011 Echinodermae Alae Papillionis Ocellus Piscis
Brachia ophiuridarum, alae papillionum, oculus piscis, New York, NY 2011
Conchae Ciliae Cervorum Oesophagus
Spisulae solidissimae, cilia cervorum, oesophagus capreae, Cervi, Dallas, TX 2011 Magnum Forcipes Crancrorum
Forcipes magnae cancrorum, Seattle, WA 2011 Caesaries Linguae Cruores Cervorum, Dallas
Linguae saeta cervorum, sanguis coagulatus, Dallas, TX 2011 Rubores Conchae Pelagi
Multae spisulae solidissimae, Beijing, China 2011 Aures Porcinarum
Aures porcorum, Harlem, 2008 Pinnae Dorsale Piscis
Pinnae dorsales divisae lutjanorum campechanorum, Seattle, WA 2011 Palata Anitum
Multi posticae partes linguae anitum, New York, NY 2011 Becci Anitum
Becci anitum inferiores, Hong Kong, China 2011 Os Aures Cervorum Linguae Gallinarum Barbus Siluri
Aures cervorum, linguae gallinarum, antenna barbi, Dallas, TX 2011 Becci Gallinarum Branchialis Lutjani
Becci gallinarum inferiores, fibrae pinnarum ceti, Hong Kong, China 2011 Bohadschia Graeffei Antennae Crancrorum
Bohadschia graeffei antennulae cancrorum, Hong Kong, China 2011 Caudae Ocelli Piscis
Caudae, oculi piscium paullarum, Miami, FL 2010 Caudae Piscis
Caudae rubri piscium, Hong Kong, China 2011 Partes Conchae
Partes praecordiarum multarum concharum, Boston, MA 2011 Sculptura Conchae
Orbes aridi corporum concharum, praecordiae piscium, New York, NY 2011 Aridus Sepiae
Lolligunculae aridae, pars concae, Beijing, China 2011 Forcipes Crancrorum
Forcipes coloratae cancrorum, Hong Kong, China 2011 Linguae Porcinarum Antennae Locustarum
Linguae porcorum, antennae locustarum, Gloucester, MA 2011 Rubores Luteolus Partes Conchae
Ora multarum concharum, Boston, MA 2011 Rubores Luteolus Partes Conchae
Organa aurantiaca locustarum , Boston, MA 2011

Iubae multarum gallinarum , Dallas, TX 2011

Vagina vaccae, penis arietis , Dallas, TX 2011



List of Works

1 Corpus lolligunculae alba
White body of squid

2 Capita piscium dessicata, media pars ophiuridae
Dried heads of fish and middle part of starfish

3 Capita piscium dessicata, spisula solidissima insecta
Dried heads of fish and cut Atlantic surf clam

4 Oculi dessicati piscium, multa corpora conchularum
Dried eyes of fish and many bodies of little clams

5 Lolligunculae aridae, pars concae
Dried small squids and part of a clam

6 Aures porcorum
Ears of pigs

7 Becci anitum inferiores
Lower beaks of ducks

8 Becci gallinarum inferiores, fibrae pinnarum ceti
Lower beaks of chickens and fibers from sharkfins

9 Bohadschia graeffei, antennulae cancrorum
Sea cucumber and antennules of crabs

10 Brachia sepiae
Arms of squid

11 Branchiae locustarum albae
White gills of lobster

12 Caudae, oculi piscium paullarum
Tails and Eyes from small fishs

13 Caudae rubri piscium
Red tails of fishs

14 Cauda muraenae, antennae locustarum
Tail of eel and antennas of lobsters

15 Caudae coctae piscium parvorum
Cooked tails from tiny fishes

16 Corpora, brachia juvenilum lolliguncularum
Bodies and arms of young squid

17 Corpora, ora chemarum
Bodies and mouths of clams

18 Corpora juvenilia lolliguncularum
Bodies of small/jung squids

19 Plica vocalis gallinae
Vocal cord of a chicken

20 Crura caridum
Legs of crabs

21 Brachia ophiuridarum, alae papillionum, oculus piscis  
Arms of starfish, wings of butterflies, and eye of fish

22 Pinna lutjani campechani
Fin of red snapper

23 Forcipes coloratae cancrorum  
Colorful claws of crabs

24 Labia inferiores cervorum, crura cicadarum
Lower lips of deers and legs of cicades

25 Spicula linguarum anitum
Tips of tongues of ducks

26 Spicula linguarum rosearum anitum
Tips of pink tongues of ducks

Pedes mytilorum edulium
Feet of clams (these clams are Mytilus edulis)

28 Linguae, saeta cervorum, sanguis coagulatus
Tongues and white hair of deer and coagulated blood,

29 Linguae porcorum, antennae locustarum
Tongues of pigs and antennae of lobster

30 Iubae gallinarum
Combs of chicken

31 Partes multarum concharum
Parts of many clams

32 Forcipes magnae cancrorum
Big Claws of crabs

33 Iubae multarum gallinarum
Combs of many chicken

34 Pars arietis intestinarum
Part of sheep intestines

35 Organa aurantiaca locustarum
Red yellow eatingtools of Lobsters

36 Corpora lolliguncularum parvolarum
Bodies of little squids

37 Aures cervorum, linguae gallinarum, antenna barbi
Ears of dear, tongues of chicken, and antennae of barb fish

38 Multi posticae partes linguae anitum
Many small parts of duck tongues (in the very back of the tongue)

39 Partes praecordiarum multarum concharum
Parts of intestents of many clams

40 Pinnae dorsales divisae lutjanorum campechanorum 
Separated fins of red snappers

41 Ora multarum concharum
Mouths of many clams

42 Spisulae solidissimae sculptiles, pars conchae luteae
Sculpted Atlantic surf  clams and part of yellowish clam

43 Multae spisulae solidissimae
Many Atlantic surf Clams

44 Orbes aridi corporum concharum, praecordiae piscium
Dried slices of bodies of clams and dried innards of fish

45 Spisulae solidissimaetonsae rubrae
Sculpted red Atlantic surf clams  

46 Spisulae solidissimae, cilia cervorum, oesophagus capreae
Atlantic surf clams, eyelashes of deer, and esophagus of female deer

47 Spisulae solidissimae apertae, oesophagus cervi 
Opened Atlantic surf clams and esophagus of deer

48 Viscus piscis, pinna lutjani campechani
Inner part of fish and fin of red snapper

49 Uterus ovis  
Uterus of sheep

50 Vagina pilosa capreae
Hairy vagina of deer

51 Vagina vaccae, penis arietis
Vagina of cow penis of sheep

52 Parvolae partes ventris tauri, linguae anitum
Small parts of stomach of bull and ducktongues

53 Pars ventris tauri, glandula uropygialis gallinae, carunculae gallinarum
Part of stomach of bull, uropygial gland of chicken and beard from chicken

54 Pars parvola ventris tauri, linguae roseae anitum
Small part of stomach of bull  and duck tongues

55 Ventres porcorum
Stomachs of pigs

56 Pars postica linguarum anitum, partes concharum, vermes
Back part of duck tongues parts of clams, worms

57 Becci inferiores, linguae gallinarum, mamilliae caprearum
Lower beaks and tongues of chicken and teats of female deer

58 Maxilla anatis, branchia piscis, plica vocalis gallinae
Upper beak of a duck, gills of fish, vocal cord of chicken

59 Spisulae solidissimae insectae rubrae
red cut Atlantic surf Clams

60 Spisulae solidissimae concavae, oculi piscariorum paullorum
Caved Atlantic surf clams eyes of small fishs

61 Vesicae coccinae piscium
Dark red Fish bladders

62 Pinnae caudales locustarum, oculi cancrorum
Tail fins of lobsters eyes of crabs

63 Crura astacidarum
Legs of crabs

64 Absegmina penis arietis, oculi cancrorum
Slices of Penis of a sheep, eyes of crabs

65 Pinnae caudales glaucae cancrorum
Bluegrey tail fins of Crabs

66 Crura cancrorum, uterus capreae
Legs of Crabs and uterus of deer

67 Caput anquillae, anguli oris, praecordia piscis
Head of eel, corners of mouth and innards of a fish

68 Carunculae dessicatae gallinorum
Wattles (fleshy growth hanging from the neck= beard) of chickens

69 Corpora insecta lolliguncularum coctorum
Cooked and cut bodies of little squids

70 Organa locustarum
red-yellow eating tools of a lobster

71 Pars lolliginis cocta, ora ostrearum
Cooked part of a big squid and mouths of clams

72 Corpuscula lolligunculae, praecordia conchae
Innards of clam and tiny body of squid

73 Coleus cervi
Testical of a deer

74 Linguae anitum, caudae longae piscium minutorum
Duck tongues and long tails of small fishs

75 Branchia lutjani campechani
Gill of a red snapper

76 Spicula linguarum anitum, oculi piscium minutorum
Tips of tongues of ducks eyes of small fishs

77 Spisulae solidissimae insectae
Cut Atlantic surf Clams

78 Linguae incarnatae anitum
Tongues of ducks

79 Maxillae avium, oculi cancrorum
Upper beaks of birds eyes of crabs

80 Cacumina aurium porcorum
Tip of ears of pigs

81 Anus pilosus cervi
Hairy anus of deer