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Hatry presents us with a perverse biology lesson through reflections on internal and external skins – the textures of life... her Heads and Tales project – convincing yet alarming portraits of women made from pig skin over clay, giving them a ghoulish glow – ...transcend both their own apparent identity and that of the creatures from whose remains they are forged. They are an homage to life even as they evoke death.
Lucy Lippard (writer, curator, activist)

Heide Hatry is a force of nature. She is an artist and a humanist who is making a selfless contribution to life. And that is what art has always been about.
Joel-Peter Witkin (photographer)

They say the human face is the door to the soul. Heads and Tales gives a moving and original view on this subject. Who are we really?
Marina Abramovic (performance artist)